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Flux Agency

Melbourne, australia

Platforms: Shopify

We empower brands to sell through marketing driven commerce using shopify and shopify plus.

SHOPIFY THEME DESIGN - Conversion by Design
Design without purpose is just decoration. We begin every design project with the end goal in mind. Marketing is at the heart of everything we do. We worked with Koja to develop their online marketing strategy, integrating with traditional marketing activities

MULTIPLE SALES CHANNELS - Web is only the Start
Omni-channel presence required? We can help design and develop consistent, conversion optimised channels for your brand. From mobile apps, to integrating social media effectively in your store - we're geared up ready to assist.

SHOPIFY APP DEVELOPMENT - Cutting Edge Development
Sometimes off the shelf just doesn't cut it. We deliver advanced designs, in record time. We designed a custom interface to support a unique business concept for Amfora: The Liquid Deli, integrating custom app functionality with Shopify

LAUNCH STRATEGY - We don't build and run
Others just care about the build, but leave you to navigate the minefield - we're different. We specialise in launch campaigns, assisting you with the best way to get your product in front of your ideal customer.We helped KOJA health re-launch their brand on SharkTank. Ensuring that the site was built to handle the huge spike in traffic that comes with Primetime TV.

PHOTOGRAPHY & STYLING - Visuals that connect
Stand out imagery and design is a must to catch customer attention. We can offer professional styling and photography that makes your brand shine and stand out from the crowd.

Need to create packaging that stands out? We've designed distinctive, stand out from the crowd packaging for disrupting brands like Green Press - taking their cheeky brand strategy and translating it to packaging that makes you smile.

BRANDING - Your story, Your Vision
Your brand is your Promise. In a hyper-competitive world you need a brand that epitomises who and what you are. Flux created unique and targeted brands for Sauced and Green Press that excite and resonate with their target audience

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