SEattle, WA, UNited states

Platforms: Shopify

We develop engaging online shopping experiences. We help companies build e-commerce solutions for the future.

Building a solid online store can be tough, and we want to help. We work with start-ups and established companies to create shopping experiences that leave a lasting impact on customers. Read more

See website  |  Projects starting at $4,000 USD


Blackotter is a business accelerator agency grows disrupting brands.

We take brands at every stage of the business lifecycle, whether its’ startup companies, or established businesses, and we apply the right integrated marketing strategies in order to grow and scale them.

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Hong Kong

Platforms: Shopify, Wordpress

Hey Shopify store owners!  You know what’s sucky about hiring someone on the Internet to make customizations to your shopify store? They come in two categories: too expensive or too inexperienced that you always doubt if they can really deliver what they had promised.

Our “Customize Shopify for me” package starts from USD 20.  Send us a message and start a much better way to hire Shopify help. Read more

See website  |  Hourly rate: $65 USD/hour

Third Eye Graphic Solution

South Bend,In,United States

Platforms: BigCommerce, SpaceCraft, LemonStand, Custom

As a Premium Partner with 6+ years of BigCommerce specific experience, our #1 goal is to help you succeed in your E-Commerce efforts. We are a 5 star rated, boutique-style design/development shop focusing on creating One-of-a-Kind web stores as unique as their store owners. Read more

See website |  Hourly rate: $75 USD/hour



Platforms: Shopify, WooCommerce

BTown Web is a full service digital agency proud to call Seattle, Washington home. We are experts at web design and web development and we love helping a customer craft a new vision for their company’s website or ecommerce store. If you are looking for help with ecommerce web design, we can create your online store with Shopify or WooCommerce. Read more

See website |  Hourly rate: $125 USD/hour

Hatch, Inc


Platforms: Shopify

We’re a small, London based Shopify Expert studio who specialise in e-commerce design, development and marketing. We work with a wide range of e-commerce brands and are experienced in delivering a variety of services including Shopify store setups, Custom Store Design & Development, Customisations, App Integrations as well as ongoing retainer support and E-commerce Rate Optimisation. Read more

See website | Hourly rate: £80 GBP/hour



Platforms: Shopify

Quite simply, we build beautiful Shopify sites that sell.

We are a dedicated and knowledgeable team of Shopify experts covering design, development and marketing, who love to see our clients succeed. Read more

See website |  Projects starting at $1,500 USD



Platforms: Shopify

Pasilobus is a company that specializes in custom e-commerce store designs. If you want to sell online as a hobby, or expand your business to the online commerce universe, we have the solution to fit your business needs. We are proud to have satisfied clients from all over the world (just check out our reviews) and can work on your project no matter where you are located! Read more

See website |  Projects starting at $1,500 USD

Bold Commerce


Platforms: Shopify

Bold develops some of the most popular eCommerce apps available for the Shopify eCommerce platform, designed to help store owners increase their sales. With a team of over 100 professional Web Designers, Developers, Online Marketers, and dedicated Support Wizards, Bold is also Shopify's largest Expert Development partner worldwide. Read more

See website |  Hourly rate: $150 USD/hour

Emma Englishby


Platforms: Shopify

I'm a web designer working with solo entrepreneurs, freelancers and creatives from around the world. I specialise in creating user-friendly, beautiful websites that fully support your business, so you can focus on the work you’re truly passionate about.

See website |  Projects starting at $500 USD



Platforms: Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce

Pivofy is a design firm that specializes in creating ecommerce sites that drive interaction and sales. We create revenue by design. The team at Povify has years of experience creating some of the most popular and sales-oriented websites in the world. Read more

See website |  Hourly rate: $95 USD/hour

ZAGO Sweden


Platforms: Shopify

#1 Shopify Experts and Bigcommerce Partner in Sweden.

With passion in Ecommerce, from 2015, ZAGO Sweden has been helping more than 700 entrepreneurs to make their dream online stores come true. Read more

See website |  Average hourly price $40 USD/hour

Thomas Holmes (Shopify & You)


Platforms: Shopify

Need help getting your store up and running? Training in how to manage and promote your online store? Or marketing advice to boost sales? My name is Thomas Holmes and I can help you. I'm the author of Shopify & You, the easy-to-use, step-by-step ebook that covers everything you need to know about designing, setting up and running an online store with Shopify. Read more

See website |  Project starting price $500 USD



Platforms: Shopify

Co-founders Wes Grasty and Julie Clarkson have 30+ years of combined experience in web development and online marketing. They teamed up to service the growing Shopify niche of small businesses who want an effective and beautiful website fast and on a budget. We make it simple for you to get up and running so you can focus on growing your business. If you need help with increasing sales, we do that too! 

See website |  Projects starting at $500 USD



Platforms: Shopify

Maukau is a Paris-based agency that helps Shopify storeowners with developing their brand’s presence online. We offer a wide range of communications-centered services and use a purposeful approach to developing strategies.

See website |Projects starting at $500 USD



Platforms: Shopify

We take care of every details from design to custom requirements to help grow your business online. Read more

See website |  Hourly rate: $150 USD/hour



Platforms: Shopify

We take your vision and make it happen. Whether you have an existing site that could use some upgrades, or you need one built from the ground up- we specialize in making your online store the best it can be. Read more

See website |  Hourly rate: $90-$110 USD/hour



Platforms: Shopify, BigCommerce & WordPress

TaskHusky is a small development agency focused on delivering Shopify, BigCommerce & WordPress store owners with access to on-demand, always available, and affordable ecommerce developers. Read more

See website |  Hourly price: $69 USD/hour


Toronto, ON, Canada

Platforms: WooCommerce

We are on-demand, WooCommerce experts dedicated to helping tech-savvy, eCommerce businesses like yours thrive in an increasingly digital universe. Whether you’re at capacity or don’t have the right expertise in house, we’ll integrate seamlessly with your team, executing on the strategy you know you need to drive results. Read more

See website | Average Price: $150 USD/hour



Platforms: Shopify

We are Southern California's most experienced Shopify and Shopify Plus web development experts that are helping businesses across the nation grow. Based out of Irvine in Orange County, we love what we do and will work hard to help grow your business. Read more

See website | Average Price: $100 USD/hour

Carson eCommerce


Platforms: Shopify

Welcome Shopify store owners! Although we're based in Montreal, Canada - we serve amazing Shopify businesses all over the world!

We are also the leading small Shopify jobs expert. We've served over 3200 Shopify store owners since 2015 and we also run a vibrant Facebook community with 21,000 members. Read more

See website |  Average price: Projects starting at $65

Flair Consultancy


Platforms: BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, LightSpeed 

Having worked with BigCommerce since it's launch, we are one of Europe's leading BigCommerce partners. We also support Shopify and WooCommerce. We can work with you as you require, from assisting with site setup to full bespoke design services and integration with existing sales and accounting channels. Read more

See website | Average price: £90 GBP/hour

Port80 Web Design

Vancouver, BC, canada

Platforms: Shopify

Port 80 is a full service web design and development studio that provides clients in Vancouver and around the globe with professionally developed websites. We have been building websites since the late 90's and take a great deal of pride in keeping up with the latest web technologies and how to best implement them for our customers. Read more

See website | Average Price: $100 USD/hour

Blue Stout


Platforms: Shopify, WooCommerce, SpreeCommerce, Magento

Blue Stout is a digital eCommerce agency. We help eCommerce companies predictably grow revenue by increasing conversions, sales and profits by building customer acquisition systems and designing high-converting websites. Read More

See website | Average Price: $125 USD/hour or fixed price

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